Dungeon Finder/Region Viewer

What It looks like

This is an online 3D Minecraft map viewer and dungeon finder that requires WebGL (new Firefox/Chrome). Handles Beta format only. NOTE: refresh this page before attempting to load a new file OR when changing 'big points' option.

(Google translate of description in case Baidu will pick it up) minecraft地图浏览器地牢发现者 (minecraft dì tú liú lǎn qì dì láo fā xiàn zhě)

Step 1:   Number of CPU cores your computer has

(= number of worker threads)

Step 2:   Determine Minecraft coordinates

To determine Minecraft coordinates, hit F3 in Minecraft. Enter x and z coordinates rounded to whole numbers below. Filename will update automatically.

x center: z center:

Step 3:  Open region .mcr file


Step 4:  Select options (defaults are fine)

y min: load diameter: big points rotate around region center

dungeon finder

Step 5:  Press Load button   

Check rotate to rotate. Drag with mouse to rotate manually. Scroll wheel to zoom. wasd = up/left/down/right.
Change diameter and Press Load again to load more chunks.


rotate Your browser doesn't appear to support the HTML5 <canvas> element.
[Just realized people may confuse the domain name with the name of Scaevolus's original mod. I actually did not do that on purpose (didn't realize that was what he called the mod) and this is not really related to him or that mod (although it does open region files). Hopefully I don't have to get another domain or anything.]



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9 Responses to “Dungeon Finder/Region Viewer”

  1. Eric Says:

    Awesome! Can i go into fullscreen mode?

  2. adminmc Says:

    hey thanks for checking it out. changing the size of the canvas isn’t high on the list of priorities but I may get to it at some point.

  3. Nathan Says:

    Hey dude… what how do i get the “Step 3: Open region .mcr file” thing? PLEASE RESPOND

  4. adminmc Says:

    Not sure what the problem is that you are having exactly. It says you are using Firefox. I am assuming Firefox 4 since Firefox 3.x won’t work with this.

    Just click the Browse button right under that heading ‘Step 3..’. Then, since you are using Windows Vista, here is a video that shows how to find the saves folder: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYC-wHWuts0

    Were you having trouble finding the saves folder? It can be kind of tricky to find.

  5. Mauricio Says:

    This doesnt work for me… Please help

  6. adminmc Says:

    You have IE. This works on new Chrome, Firefox, Safari and maybe Opera. Internet Explorer doesn’t support new features like WebGL or Web Workers because those types of features make the web platform competitive with their Windows monopoly.

  7. Xplode Says:

    Doesnt work well for me.
    ive got multiple .mcr files in …/region/
    and they are all from different sizes.

    GoogleChrome gives me also an atantion that webGL doesnt work.

    and the screen witch have to show me the map, stays black.

  8. adminmc Says:

    Are you able to load other WebGL applications?

  9. yophie12345 Says:

    how do i check how many cores a i have?

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